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The central joystick button is used for selecting options and navigating menus (as this is essential for phone operation it wears quickly and jams under heavy use), with the "C" button as an 'undo' or 'delete' button, and the arrow-labeled button as a 'return' or 'back' button.The two buttons labeled by black horizontal lines, known as 'hotkeys' or 'soft keys' perform the function of making binary decisions, labelled on the phone's display (e.g.: save/discard).

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The bottom end of this phone features the second generation of connectors, dating back from the Ericsson T28, and aptly dubbed the "T28" port.

They are covered by a rubber clip, which is also prone to becoming horribly loose and, in some circumstances, falling off.

This is Sony Ericsson's last phone to use the T28 connector (later models, as of the K750, use the Sony-designed Fast Port connector).

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MP3 files can be used as ringtones except the Vodafone edition due to copyright infringements.

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