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TRANSACTIONS OF THE FIRST PAN-MERICAN MEDICAL CONGRESS HELD IN THE CITY OF WASHINGTON, D. This causes the sleeve to press forward, but tins thiie it does not reach tlie fu(v of magnet 2, being arrested by the pulley 6 coiuiiig in cnitact with the friction cone 5 fastened to the shaft F. In chronic purulent cases I think that we must expect little from extraction of the ossicles alone. I wish again to state distinctly that I am not an advocate of the excision of the ossicles and tympanum in aural catarrh, no matter by what method, be it extra-auricular or intra-auricular.

When the foot piece is pressed forward the current is cut off from magnet 1 aixl is trans- ferred to that of 2. In some cases the operation is liable to impair the condition of the ear.

A forward motion of the foot will turn on the cui Tent, and a backward motion will cut it off. We do not expect the cavity formed by the removal of diseased tissue to be refilled with cicatricial tissue ; in fact this is the most undesirable thing that can happen. Of late I have tamponed the wound for one or two days with iodoform gauze ; in fact I have sometimes closed the wound immediately after the operation by sutures, after hav- ing, of course, scraped away all diseased bone.

0, 1 will be cut out from operating the brake and the engine belt G, but will simply put the current on or off the cauteries attached to the cautery binding posts. In the experience of the speaker, the canal will admit of the largest-sized speculum being used, and every part of the cavity can be freely inspected. We have thus a clean wotmd, which closes rapidly ; the suppuration in the middle ear ceases sooner, and hearing returns.

It is a well- known fact tliat the side of any incandescent conductor through which the posi- tive enters will waste away nioic rapidly than the negative side, and for this reason it is desirable to equalize this action in using the electro-cauteries. 1529 principal reason, however, for employing the alternating current in this connec- tion is that it enables us to use a commutator having no openings or divisions in its periphery, thereby excluding the possibility of sparking, a point of great impor- tance, as it concerns the life and correct working of one of the vital parts of the apparatus. The roll of bandage is dipped in water, just before applying, until it is wet through.

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