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Three stroke productions online dating

We ate and went to my house, and he turned on my PS4 to play God of War by himself, demanding I rub his back while he played.

Then he went to my bathroom and after 15 minutes, I heard loud-ass poop sounds.

We stopped to admire the scenery, and out of nowhere he started LICKING MY FACE. We continued walking — why didn't I run away, you ask? We finally came to a bench and I sat on the opposite side in fear that I was going to be licked again. I don't think I've ever run as fast as I did that day."—Ashley Conrad, Facebook "We were supposed to go to brunch, but when he came to pick me up, he said we were going to church.

As I thought of an escape plan, I heard a strange noise. I'm not a religious person, but he guaranteed that we'd get food after.

I just lay there while he fell dead asleep."—q4fe "I was getting back into dating when I agreed to get coffee with this guy.

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