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Saeri Does were till in soms places still arc, Oi Tcrcd by t Uo llaratha cultiva'or H to the gooiirs, for ever.

The l U'tic god Bylvanus, wbo in Horace’s Ode is crediied with power to guard tlio crops ngainsl thieves and stray nnimalf, is the antitype of many a rude imago planted in a Deccan field, and assiduously worsliippcd ns its protector.

It mas probably as the guardian of Iho honour of tribal or national gods that the Slate first interfered to compel the performance of engagements, tlie insti- tution thus resting, like that of individual property, on an ultimate basis of religious dread; but tbe repression of crimes of violcnco mould naturally claim tlio first attention of an organized society, and from the in Testi"ation of such crimes, however rudely conducted, would gradually arise a habit of mei-bin" tbo counter-claims of adversaries. In evpmi Jing .*■ Hrieje, mith abutulaut means of production spread out before if, every one can some* thing beyond liis own pulnistmico.

;r"i AO in 5U» to tli-r t* sue f-nr th'- '.b*,;''s.'ds nf an c' •'■'atiallv ar'c* ■ s;e l-.eatj ar.‘*e fcam b.r.;: a 'o. JIutual interest prompted to transactions, and tlieir e Olcocy, except tn eases of immediate eiclian^c, mas secured by ceremonies wliich invoked the recognized deities os witnesses, and dc Totcil (o tin ir mrath the contractor ml,o failed to carry out his undertaking. The agents and instruments of accumulating wealth .actjuireil in such .a slate of things a continually increasing Yalm*. t“s nib'S and rude fictions which worked tolerably well in a inediiiin of diffusi-d stolidity and jndil Terenec to pudcriiig, aiul where then*, no great (emplatiou to almse them, are employed more unreservedly and more ns minidity and ifefisitivencss both athain a fuller development.

In Greece tlivm cuu U bo no sale without a sacrifice.

The ITomftii mancipatio, a irligtous ceremony, was an artalo-otis way cut of the race dil Hcu Iiy.

Tlicfa Ub that is reposed In it is even now re- markably great, and it Is practised to on extent and with a vigour that nro liardly suspected until one grows somewhat familiar witli Katlvo life.

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