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With 240 online drills and 2,000 online practice questions, you'll have everything you need to familiarize yourself with the test and practice your skills for the big day.Taking both the SAT and the ACT gives you more options for college admissions.And, new for 2016, the content is all powered by a recommendation engine, designed to help you target your areas of focus, in order of importance to your score, so that you can get to your dream score faster.

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Our Self-Paced platform gives you the tools to succeed.

Introducing a revolutionary program: Self-Paced SAT and ACT prep that maximizes score gains by using expertly crafted content and personalized online tools, so you can rock both tests.

The Twitter hashtag–created in seconds when you add the hashtag (pound/number sign) in front of a word or phrase–generates an ongoing conversation about the topic that is suggested by the hashtag.

For example, #edchat is a chat that is about all things related to education, and #edtech is about all things related to education technology.

Designed by a team of test-prep experts, SAT Self-Paced Study delivers comprehensive prep and exclusive test-taking strategies.

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