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As a result all the games looked and played fantastic.

Better still the Xbox 360 can be enabled for 3D which meant that we could test two of the games we had in our collection.

As a result it does take two people to get the screen out of the box and to separate all the accessories that come with it.

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In fairness this is due to the channel and not the TV.

Still you do get Freeview HD built-in so if you have got a compatible aerial you can benefit from the HD picture quality we mentioned above.

it was like watching it in RAW format or more like someone had shot the film with a home camera).

Standard definition channels were not so hot as you would expect, this was made worse because I was sitting closer to the screen in our smaller lounge so I could see traces of noise.

The setup itself will guide you though scanning TV channels (it found over a hundred digital Radio/TV channels), setting the date/time and of course the aforementioned firmware updates.

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