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A tad more discipline is needed but this is a very welcome reminder than when they put their minds to it LIMP BIZKIT are unstoppable.Hopefully they can finally apply that to a new album.Ray Luzier is something of an unsung hero, helping inject life back into KORN when he joined seven years ago, and his showmanship behind the kit adds another visual point of interest.

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Rating: 7/10 You’d be forgiven for worrying for LIMP BIZKIT on this tour.

Their live reputation recently has been iffy to say the least, and if that LIMP BIZKIT was to turn up before the exuberant current incarnation of KORN it could be an embarrassment.

Durst is of course not technically the greatest rapper but his knack for unforgettable refrains is unparalleled, and he is the ultimate hypeman this party needs.

There is unfortunately more than a whiff of the timewasting antics the LIMP BIZKIT of the past few years have employed in their shows.

Freddy Madball is a whirlwind of boundless energy, topping the thick foundations laid down by his bandmates with plenty of charisma and miraculously preventing them from being swallowed by the size of the venue.

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