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However, one caveat is that it only allows linking within a Mad Cap Flare project. Hyperlinks are great for when you are linking to an external location, such as a website or a location that is outside of your Flare project.However, the issue with hyperlinks arises when you begin to think about how this will affect the user experience when creating a printed version of the output. Cross-References have the advantage of dynamically changing based on your output types.You can do this by taking the following steps: PS: Already have a bunch of hyperlinks?

Rather than manually scrolling through your document making notes of where everything is (and having to go back and change numbers every time you add something new or move a section) why not let Word do all the hard work?

When your document is properly laid out, generating a Table of Contents in Word is as simple as 1, 2, 3 (something my silly undergraduate self could sorely have done with knowing 3 years ago!! With the cursor at the start of the document where you want to insert the Table of Contents: easy when you have things set up properly!

Quick: If you already have your format set up the way you want it, you can use the “Quick Cross-Reference” method, which is faster but does not have as many options.

This method lets you quickly select a bookmark that may already exist in the current file, a file in the same folder, or another file currently open.

This will allow you to select elements within your topic to Cross-Reference to and a bookmark will automatically be created, as shown in the dialog box below: Super fast super easy.

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