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She counts her greatest blessings to be her faith, her daughter, and spending time together on their ranch in Texas. The Father By Roman law, the family was strictly patriarchal.

Chapter One The Roman Empire-Setting the Stage 27 BC-AD 476 After the death and resurrection of Jesus, the conversion of Constantine may have been the most implication-laden event in western history. The paterfamilias, the father, was the head of the Roman family.

Stories from women like Rachel Lavein Fawcett, abandoned single mother of Alexander Hamilton; Abagail Adams, a wartime widow; Harriet Jacobs, an unwed mother of slavery whose autobiography was published the year the Civil War began; and widowed Belva Lockwood, the first woman to officially run for President, all carrying wounds but all offering insight, wisdom, and encouragement. Infants' spirits were snuffed out as they were given as human sacrifices to the false gods.

Lessons include: Besides acting and directing she serves on President Bush's Council for Service and Civic Participation, but her most cherished role is that of mother to Juliette, now nine years old. "Paganism prevailed in the land of the prophets." Darkness reigned.

Capturing a woman was a way of getting around a fixed marriage and was, perhaps, a way of getting the parents to accept a true love.

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