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The climate is mild, is allows the production of very interesting wines.For many, Cortona Syrah is the most elegant of these wines, with its ruby red with garnet reflections.

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A tapestry hangs beneath a canvas awning;it shows the simple, curved motif of a universal symbol – the tree of life.

The crowd starts to hush and story is told – about an ancient fallen goddess, her once-fertile island, and a mythical tree of life whose leaves have been lost.

There are more than 300 varieties, among which we can highlight Liatiko, Fotsifali, Mavoudi, Amorgiano, Athiri, Negoska, Trani Muscat, Muscat, White Muscat and Muscat of Alexandria, Limnio, Monemvassia and Aidani.

This week we continue our series about the role of mythology in uncertain times.

In the tipi are goblets, vessels and vases filled with water.

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