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Not very many episodes left, then, for Gavin and Stacey to make some sort of progress in their longing to have a baby, and for Nessa to realise that Smithy could and should be her man.Whatever the conclusion at the end of the series, I think we can feel assured that Corden and Jones will take us there with the brilliant mix of sharpness and softness that’s characterised their work so far.

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The subtitles are available on all the extra features as well, so it’s perfectly possible if you can’t speak Welsh to watch the footage from S4C’s Uned 5‘s set visit and still work out what’s going on – although the quick answer is not much, apart from looking in the show’s wardrobe and testing the actors on their Welsh pronunciation.

All the same, this is probably the only time you’re ever going to see anything S4C has ever made being stuck on DVD, so enjoy it.

Commentaries Otherwise, much of what’s revealed in that second documentary is duplicated in the episode commentaries.

Unlike series one’s commentaries, not only is there a commentary on every episode, the commentaries are "in-vision" and involve various combinations of the cast, with Joanna Page only appearing for the first two episodes before heading off to appear in Fat Pig, Larry Lamb only appearing from mid-way through episode four and Steadman disappearing randomly then reappearing for episode seven (they were filmed out of order) after going off to rehearse a play of her own.

Writers Ruth Jones and James Corden are fantastic when it comes to giving enough attention to the poignant scenes among the more farcical ones – something I think sets this comedy drama well apart from a lot of silly tat posing as comedy on the BBC.

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