Freddy and carly dating

"I think I'm about done." He said as he turned for the door.

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Set after IQuit i Carly and before i Saved Your Life.i Carly Christmas Chapter 6i Kissed Freddie Carly couldn't believe what she was doing. I don't have to stay here if you don't want me to." Freddie said nervously unhooking cords."Freddie you should stay.

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Kress began his professional career at the age of four when he displayed a natural talent for memorizing and re-enacting the shows he saw on television, prompting his mother to take him to an open "cattle call" showcase where he was quickly signed with a talent agent.

Over the next three years, Kress modeled for various print advertisements, as well as performing in numerous commercials and voice-over roles; the most notable of which was his dual role as the voices of "Easy" and "Tough Pup" in the 1998 feature film Babe: Pig in the City.

" Freddie asked."Well, I mean we weren't trying like Griffin and I were. I don't really have it figured out yet." Freddie said. " Carly asked."It means something because it's you Carly. " Freddie said."I don't know why I kissed you Freddie." Carly said."I mean if it was just a kiss that's fine. She wasn't ready to deal with thinking about Freddie like this."I'm gonna go get something to drink, okay? Downstairs Carly went to the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of juice. "I'm a horrible person." Carly said."You're not horrible. How long until someone comes along that's like me that will go out with him? There's only one Carly Shay." Spencer said giving her a hug."Thanks Spencer. At least you know he doesn't collect peewee babies." Spencer said."I couldn't take it if we broke up. It'd make it awkward for Sam too." Freddie said."You shouldn't worry about breaking up. I think you should just figure out what the kiss means." Spencer said. She walked into the studio and said, "Have I ever told you how much I appreciate what you do for the show? "If we could only get Sam on board it'd be a good day.""So I was thinking about the kiss." Carly said.

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