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He then sends an e-mail address with something like, “Well to get registered with the telecommunication you will have to email them with [email protected] you have to tell them you want to use the phoning facility system with Major General Tom Smith presently on deployment in Afghanistan.The service is a way we can talk on phone without no call charges attached, all is 100% free after we get registered and pay the registration fee” The registration fee of course is £100’s of pounds and worse, your credit card details will be stolen and sold around the world for other criminals to use.One of the first things any company new to customer experience should ask is, “How can we measure customer experience?

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Temkin Group’s Customer Experience Rating Temkin Experience Ratings (Tx R) is an open standard for measuring customer experience.

It’s based on evaluating three elements of every customer experience: success, effort, and emotion. Some others to consider are the American Customer Satisfaction Index and JD Powers.

Forrester publishes the results for leading companies and comparative data for the industries surveyed.

The latest US Customer Experience Index for 2016 can be found here.

The following is not exhaustive, but should provide companies with a solid starting point – you won’t fail using any of these!

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