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Village business and property owners alike are vehemently opposed to being taxed for services they think the city should already be providing more of.On the other side of the coin, the Carmichael Improvement District, the official name for the Fair Oaks Boulevard PBID approved by voters in 2016, is reaping the benefits of having the funds in place to pay for private trash, street cleaning and security services.That said, the PBID formation process will not be easy.

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Other facilities and services which have been introduced include a Disabled Supporters Match Day Lounge, where disabled supporters can meet and enjoy a hot drink before games.

The club also provides Changing Places Toilet facilities which includes a hoist and changing table enabling severely disabled supporters to come to games knowing that there is a toilet that they can use in safety and comfort.

Three quarters of our income is allocated in this way.

The other quarter of our income is given in smaller grants to a larger number of projects.

Although preliminary in nature, ABBA President and Founder Richard Hale, owner of Walt’s Auto Service, said the group’s members have been presented with three potential assessment scenarios based square footage for their buildings that would each generate different amounts to cover the costs ford supplemental services and improvements for the boulevard. “This is all very new to our members and we are just beginning the process of discussions,” said Hale.

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