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But rule #1 has another implication: you will only reap the rewards after investing your time and effort into it.

If you want great results, you will spend months laying the groundwork (Timur’s preparation took the better part of a year).

According to memory researchers (Cowan, 2001) we can only store 4 to 6 items (more if we can combine the item into groups) in our working memory (the distinction between short term and working memory is disputed, technical and unimportant for our purposes) and only for the duration of, at most, 30 seconds.

Be2 online dating review

However, there are two problems: first, the way we naturally memorize information makes reviewing it systematically very hard, so most people will do it only when revisiting the book or video where they saw the information (or finding it in some other venue).

Second, in order for the data to be encoded in the long term memory it must first be stored in the short term memory, which is, well, pretty bad, comparatively.

I am sure you will be glad that you did and I hope that mnemonics changes your life for the better, as it changed mine.

Since this tutorial is directed at beginners, I’ll assume that you are completely unfamiliar with the subject, but even if you are an intermediate practitioner, I think you’ll find some of the tips useful.

And there’s the rub: most people would be unwilling (for very good reasons) to spend weeks learning how to apply some technique without seeing any results.

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